Facebook Advertising vs. Google Adwords

Unlike a few years prior, Google Adwords is no longer the only serious player in the PPC advertising world.

Giving it a run for its money is Facebook Ads.

While both companies offer benefits you can’t afford to miss out on, it is imperative that you have to know how and where to spend your advertising allocation to get maximum ROI.

Google vs. Facebook

There’s no denying the contribution of Google in the growthof PPC over the years.

Google was the first company to take advantage of PPC, utilizing the huge user base searching on their site.

Facebook, on the other hand, with its 1.49 billion active users saw a lucrative opportunity they can’t afford to miss.

With easy access to a treasure trove of demographic information, it’s not surprising to witness Facebook advertising becoming a force to be reckoned with in the digital marketing world.

So, the question remains—where should you spend your marketing allocation on?

To help you make an educated decision, here are some of the basics you need to know about Google and Facebook advertising:

When should you use Facebook Ads?

Primarily, you can use Facebook to increase brand awareness, networking, connecting with your audience, and increasing your reach, among other things.

When users log in to Facebook, in most cases, they are there to check what their friends are doing, interact with them, or check on the latest happenings.

It is very seldom that users log on to Facebook to search for more information about a brand or make purchases.

The fact that Facebook might show your ads in people’s timeline does not mean it is something they want, although there are instances they might find what you have to offer interesting and like it.

In essence, if you’re a small business owner, publisher, startup, non-profit organization, event organizer, or just a brand looking to build an audience, Facebook ads would be ideal.

What are the advantages of Facebook Ads?

  • You have the option to use videos, images, and texts in your ads.
  • You can easily target individuals based on their demographic characteristics and interests.
  • It is a superb marketing tool if you want to raise and increase awareness of your brand.
  • You can use Facebook Ads to get site visits, sales, and ‘likes’ for your page.
  • You can define how you want your campaigns to be priced in a number of ways.
  • You have the option to do A/B testings by trying out different campaigns.

When should you use Google Adwords?

As long as you are able to avoid common mistakes that can drain your digital marketing allocation, Google Adwords can be very profitable, regardless of the kind of industry you are in.

Why is this so?

Basically because users who use Google are likely looking for information about a brand, or answers to certain questions, or services and products they would like to spend money on.

In other words, the probability that users already have a good idea (and clear intent) as to what they are looking for and are just using the Internet to find it is really high.

If your primary goals are selling your products or services or offering information about them, Google Adwords is your ideal option.

What are the advantage of Google Adwords?

  • You can use certain keywords to control when you want your ads to appear.
  • You also have the option to use Google shopping campaigns so you can advertise without having to worry about keywords.
  • Its flexible and powerful platform gives you options on how you can optimize your spending and your campaigns.
  • You can target people based on their country, device, location, etc.
  • People are directed to your website when they lick on your Adwords ad.

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